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Member of the Schoolwear Association              

The Schoolwear Association (SA) was established in 2006. It has over 250 members representing all areas of the UK Schoolwear trade.  Edgar Jerome Ltd is a member because it promotes the benefits of school specific uniform to schools, students and parents. The SA believes that a distinctive uniform aids a sense of belonging and is good for security in and out of school. Students who wear school specific uniform are said to behave better, have better attendance and potentially achieve more academically. The Schoolwear Association represents all those involved in the supply of school specific uniform including retailers, manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers.

Members of The British Independent Retailers Association

The British Independent Retailers Association (bira) is the voice of independent retailers. Bira are the leading trade association for independent retailers in the UK. There aim is to provide first class support, business services and specialist representation to their members. They represent approximately 7,500 members across the UK from single retail outlets to small chains, dealers, suppliers, manufacturers and distributors. Bira are here to help independent retail businesses connect with others in the industry, whilst providing expert knowledge, support and access to a wide range of specialist business services, saving  time and money and in a highly competitive market, help the independent retailers stay one step ahead.

The British Independent Retailers Association comprises of six divisional trade associations through these divisions and dedicated committees the retailers have a voice, and benefit from the sharing of specialist trade and product knowledge of which the British Shops and Stores Association (BSSA) division is invaluable.

Members of the BSSA                                                                         

Established in 1991, British Shops and Stores Association (BSSA) is recognised as a leading trade association within the independent retail sector, where it focuses on the small and medium sized business (SME).  Today it has in excess of 3,300 members who have a combined annual turnover of £3 billion, trading out of 5,100 outlets and employing over 38,500 staff. The Association has two primary tasks:

  • To leverage economies of scale created by this large membership base, and to provide a comprehensive and highly competitive portfolio of core retailing business and professional services to its members.

The mission statement of the BSSA is to provide unrivalled support and commercial advantage for independent retailers in the UK small business sector. Edgar Jerome Ltd is proud to be a member and welcomes the support of the association to keep the independent retailer in business for years to come.




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