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My Jerome's...

Thank you so much Lisa Foley for support; encouragement like this motivates the whole crew at this busy time of year.

'Just a little email to say thank you so much for the extremely prompt delivery for both online orders that I placed.
You must be so busy at the moment and I really appreciate the excellent service. 
I can now relax knowing I have all my sons uniform completed.

Many Thanks to Guy Stephens - Chair of Governers at All Hallows - for his kind words. Comments like these mean a lot to the whole team.

'Dear Mr Jerome,

 I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for the fantastic service you provide to the students (and parents) of All Hallows Catholic School, especially during what is/will be a busy time for you no doubt. Your patience and friendly, but professional service, is hugely appreciated by all.
I heard from my wife yesterday about the great service they received from your shop assistants, especially as they arrived five minutes before closing time. The shop assistants, I'm sorry I don't know their names, but I believe they may have been All Hallows students, provided a great and friendly service to them. If you could thank them, I would be most appreciative.
As the Chair of Governors, and on behalf of all the School Governors, of All Hallows, I want to thank you personally, for all that you do as part of the All Hallows' community.
Many thanks and I do hope you manage to have a Summer break at some point and recover from the rush of uniform ordering, if you've not already. We need you and your staff refreshed for the same fantastic service again next year!

Kind regards Guy

(Guy Stephens)'

By long standing customer, Paul Franklin. Owner of the Hot Oven, Aldershot

"My first memory of Jerome's  is from 1939, when my father returned to Aldershot, just before the war broke out. I was taken into Jerome’s to be fitted out for my new school, The Oaks.

During the War, Jerome’s continued to  provide what clothing I had. Clothes were rationed of course so visits were not frequent. Eventually, I joined the Royal Navy at the age of 15 in 1947. I had no use for civilian clothes for some years, until I was invalided out of the Royal Navy and had to get into some sort of civilian clothing. The obvious choice was Jerome’s. I had little money and my father was not necessarily generous about it.

A year after my accident, my father died from a fall through a roof where he was working in Farnborough, so, I went to see Jerome’s to get some civilian clothes for the funeral (what clothes I had were not really suitable). They were very generous to me, fitted me out with a suit, an overcoat, black socks, white shirt and black tie and when I said to them 'I haven’t got the money to pay for all of this' they said 'Don’t worry you will pay us when you can '.

I did and I never forgot that kindness.

When I later went into business in Aldershot, I had reason to buy white overalls for the staff of a bakers. They were my production staff not retail staff as we were wholesale only at the time, without a retail unit. The crew that I inherited or took over were very shabbily dressed  - untidy - to say the least, so I went to Jerome’s and ordered work wear. This continued for many years. I never went to any of the other work wear firms who offered their services - I gave the business to Jerome’s as they had looked after me and so I helped to look after them. This has continued even until the present day.

I never forgot their kindness. I knew all the family from the Grandfather, through to John’s father, through to the present management and I cannot say enough how grateful I was to them, when they had no reason to think that I would ever have a penny piece to pay them back!"


"Always willing to help locate what ever you request, even if he doesn’t stock the colour and has been known to deliver to your door step. Everything he does is above average and beyond the call of duty."

Shirlee G

"Fantastic service - my son looks great in his new school uniform!"

Samantha W

"As an older gentleman, it is really nice to be treated with good old fashioned customer service. I have been going to Edgar Jerome for years and always find what I need and enjoy the process too."

 Robert M

 "I recently needed a green tie for a special function, tried all popular High Street menʼs shops - no luck. Visited Jerome's to purchase school uniform for daughter and dicovered 3 different shades available. Looking for something not in all trendy shop windows - visit Jeromes.

Martin D

'My husband has used this Gentlemens Outfitters for many years. He tells me that the service is always second to none, and the range is quite extensive - how do they fit it into such a small shop?"

 Wendy P

 "My son recently attended his school prom night and looked so smart in his formal suit! He is very unused to wearing those sort of clothes, but he really enjoyed the preparation of the fitting and then, on the night, getting all dressed up. It helped towards making it a really memorable evening in his life! The special student package price was very reasonable too."

Hannah J

"Edgar Jeromeʼs is where I went for my school uniform as a child and now I go there for my own children! I like to use local businesses and they are a mainstay of the town. Their service is always friendly and they really seem to value your custom, not something you get from all shops! Their prices are surprisingly competitive too!"

"Very efficient."
Mrs Christine W of Holybourne

"Good efficient service. Thanks."
Mr Jooles C of Fleet

"Very good service . Thank you."
Mrs Karen D of Farnham

"Very helpful. Thanks."

Mrs Katy H of Farnham

"Great service and happy staff."
Miss Louisa R of Aldershot

"Always a pleasant shopping experience with friendly helpful staff. Been coming here for years."
Mrs Wendy A of Farnham

"Wonderful personal service. A shop that knows what you need and has the supplies at hand."
Mrs Joyce R of Heathend

"Very helpful and polite staff. Nothing is too much trouble."
Mrs Charlotte T of Farnham

"Very helpful and thorough. Makes it easy for us."
Mrs Tara G of Farnham

"Staff are fantastic."
Miss Jeanette F of Farnham

"Excellent service. Thanks."
Mrs Amy T of Rowhills

"Very good service."
Ms Yvonne Hall of Aldershot

"Very helpful."
Mrs Alison C of Farnborough
"Great friendly service."

"Friendly and helpful. Thanks."
Mrs G F of Whitehill

"Great service as always."
Mrs Paula B of Farnham

"Always wonderful personal service. Thank you."
Mrs Jackie C of Rowhills

"Great personal service."
 Mrs Jennifer T of Camberley

"Service is always excellent, informative and not rushed. Rare these days!"
Mrs Sharon D of Ash Vale


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